Hand-picked and selected herbal tea and spice blends from nature, produced in Kálnok. Our additive-free products offer a unique world of flavours and aromas with the natural power of herbs.

The Papné Manufactory was registered in 2017, while the workshop for processing herbs was completed the following year. Papné Manufactory is a family business. Our herbs, which provide the raw materials for our products, are grown in our garden or we collect them from wildlife, then they are processed according to our own recipe and sold as blends.

During the cultivation process of our herbs we do not use chemicals or any kind of sprays. And in the processing we use only the leaves, flowers and petals of the herbs, without any flavourings, flavour enhancers, colourings or foreign ingredients. Thus preserving the natural fragrance and flavour of nature.

Seed sowing, planting, weeding, picking, washing, drying, crushing, packing are all our own and all done by hand. Our products are made with great care and attention, from bringing their names to life to the composition of the components.